When and how to let go and go for the gray


 When is the right time to let my hair go gray?  That really is up to you, and sometimes gray hair can be as youthful as those with hair color. However, not everyone can wear gray hair well, no matter how pretty the color is.

     Gray can wash out your skin tone or enhance your skin with a beautiful glow.  There are almost “ahem….50 Shades of Grey”, there is white-gray, silver-gray, beige gray, yellow-gray, and even blue-gray (from some shampoos). 

     If you are trying to decide to go gray – look at your roots in the mirror.  Cover the rest of your hair with your hands and focus on your roots.  You will want to note your gray’s color tone and the amount of gray, whether it be 10%, 25%, or 50%, etc. The more dramatic a presence of gray, the better chance the transformation will work.  Gray hair needs to be healthy, shiny and coiffed with a chic, crisp cut.


Are you ready to try it?  Remember, you can always go back to color if you don’t like it; that takes a lot of the pressure off. However, a perfect, professional hairstylist should only do these next steps because it can be tricky.

     3 Steps to going gray are: 

     1) Cut hair off as short as the re-growth

     2) Start going lighter each time you have your color done until you are as light as possible.

     3) an excellent but heavy highlight to match your gray (difficult to do – that is why a great hairstylist is needed)

 Steps 1 and 2 are instant gratification, and Step 3 takes about 1 year, depending on hair regrowth.

After that, it is style and go, and don’t forget a good professionally recommended shampoo.  Michael Christopher has a full line of professional haircare products.  He highly recommends True Hue Highlights Shampoo and Michael Christopher Erase scalp and hair exfoliator. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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